Frozen fruit sale

   Raspberry                    $2.00
   Blackberry                   $2.00
   Pitted Pie Cherries  $6.50

Please note, prices are "Per Pound" and all in quart bags.

:::::::::: Italian Prune Plums :::::::::
Available now "picked"
   $2.25 per pound
$40.00 per 20 pound box
   :::::::::: Orca Pears :::::::::
Available September 1st
$2.00 per pound

Please check back as we get closer to September for our 
Honeycrisp Apples

~~~~~~* Please Note the following *~~~~~~

we are a small specialty orchard.
Please Note
We do not accept any of the following:
  • Out of county checks.
  • Credit cards.
  • Bills over $50
    (unless you are buying 
      over $50 of fruit)


Please do not 
call after 4pm pst
in the EVENING

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